Vision and Values

HDC’s vision statement: “To prepare every generation to change their worlds for Christ.”

That is, we want to prepare every attender for their personal role in the Great Commission.

We believe that every Jesus-follower (every active disciple) is an extension of His redemptive objective to see lost people become saved people.

That objective compels each of us to accept our PERSONAL MISSION to our oikos.

We engage that MISSION through an intentional pursuit of HDC’s core strategy: to list, pray for, invest in, and invite our oikos to know Jesus better.

We prepare people for that MISSION through an intentional pursuit of our PERSONAL GROWTH, by shepherding our people through meaningful worship, biblical teaching, redemptive relationships, and active investment in both the HDC family and to the community at large.

We provide for that MISSION by providing a preparation site within a 15-minute drive of their residence.