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Small Groups

In the New Testament, the church is a group of people (the ekklesia) gathering to change the world. However, when people hear or say the word “church” today they are using it from the ancient German word kirka, which designates a street address.

Jesus didn’t challenge the world to come into our beautiful buildings (our kirkas). He challenged the church (the ekklesia) to go into a lost world.

HDC’s small groups exist to prepare you to change YOUR world, the 8-15 people sitting on the front row of your life. The church functions best when the ekklesia takes what’s taught inside the kirka and lives it out in an authentic and real way to their oikos.

Our small groups generally follow our local school calendars and meet from September-May, taking natural breaks throughout the year. As such, our groups take a break over the summer from June -August. We believe that having rhythms in life create healthier and more effective Christians. Part of those rhythms mean pausing from our normal routines.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at We look forward to helping you find meaningful relationships at High Desert Church.

Women's Small Groups

Women’s Small Groups are launching soon! No matter your age or your childcare needs, we will have a group that caters to you. If you would like to join a group, click the link below!.

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