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Small Groups

Small Groups

A small group offers a place to meet with others, discuss sermons, and build relationships that prepare us to reach our Oikos and change the world.

Most of our small groups meet in homes throughout the desert and are available every night of the week. Groups are a safe place to discuss the sermon and build authentic and meaningful relationships that point each other to Jesus.

If you’d like to register for a Women’s Small Group (WSG), you can check our events calendar on the website.  These groups cost money and do not use our sermon-based curriculum.

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Sermon Based Curriculum: By talking through the weekend message with your Small Group, the weekend is enhanced, and our study of God’s word is deepened. The majority of HDC groups use the questions we print on the back of the sermon notes, but we do have some groups that use a different curriculum (for example, the women’s small groups on campus).

In Homes: Most HDC Sermon Based Small Groups meet in homes across the High Desert. We believe a comfortable environment helps us listen, learn, and build healthy meaningful relationships.

Kids and Students: We have small group opportunities for every age group on every campus. While each campus handles the details a little differently, the bottom line is that your child or student will have the opportunity to build healthy and biblical friendships.

Types of Groups: We have groups for men, women, married couples, young adults, singles, and mixed (with both married couples and singles).

One of our unique small group philosophies is to take a break over the summer, and so most of our small groups take a break from June-August.