What Matters Most

2/20/2022 - 4/24/2022

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Do you love me?
Kurt Thielen - 4/24/2022

When God restores broken people, it always starts with a commitment to follow Jesus.

We have Seen the Lord!
Todd Arnett - 4/17/2022

Jesus has been calling your name, inviting you to be forgiven because of the price He paid at the cross for you.

The Bond of Unity
Todd Arnett - 4/10/2022

For Jesus’ Church, unity isn’t something that we need to manufacture on our own, but something that we’re given that we, in turn, are called to nurture and steward.

This is Love
Todd Arnett - 4/3/2022

Eternal life for the follower of Jesus is something that you're living in now, today!

Lasting Joy
Jody Livingston - 3/27/2022

Help is on the Way
Mike Roberts - 3/20/2022

Talk is Cheap
Tom Mercer - 3/6/2022

Agape love is making the choice to do whatever it takes to help someone experience God's best.

Narrow Minded Confidence
Tom Mercer - 2/27/2022

Creation placed our focus on God’s power.

The Bible places the focus on God’s holiness.

Jesus placed the focus on the immensity of God’s love.

Love One Another
Todd Arnett - 2/20/2022