Step Up!

5/2/2022 -

In This Series

The Fork in the Road
Tom Mercer - 5/23/2022

Courage is what happens when our faith in our calling exceeds our fear of our circumstance.

The Scheme
Todd Arnett - 5/16/2022

In His sovereign plan of how He directs all of human history, God allows a multitude of means to accomplish His plan, including using the sinful, treacherous ambitions of one people towards another.

The Appointment
Jody Livingston - 5/8/2022

When no one else is watching, God will see your righteous actions and use them for His providential purposes.

The Vacancy
Todd Arnett - 5/2/2022

God is always at work around us accomplishing His intended, good design even when it’s not obvious to us.