2/7/2021 - 3/28/2021

Throughout this series, we focus on the story of Nehemiah and what we can learn about rebuilding our lives around Jesus Christ through prayer, faithful effort, conflict, and more.

In This Series

Rebuilding with Conviction
Jody Livingston - 3/28/2021

Throughout the Bible, people were constantly worshiping God to recognize who He is and why they served Him. In this sermon, we discuss how easy it is to drift away from God in this world and the continuous need to worship Him. 

Rebuilding with Understanding
Brian Haney - 3/22/2021

It is important for Christians to have a proper understanding of who God is. In this sermon, we discuss how our rebuilding process is shaped by our understanding of God. 

Rebuilding on God's Word
Tom Mercer - 3/15/2021

Christians are called to obey God's Word in all things. In this sermon, we discuss the need to continuously obey God's Word as we prepare for Christ's return. 

Rebuilding Through Conflict
Kurt Thielen - 3/7/2021

God provides everyone with a unique personal mission. In this sermon, we discuss how our lifestyle can either help or hinder our personal mission. 

Rebuilding Despite Opposition
Tom Mercer - 2/28/2021

Everyone will face opposition throughout their lives. In this sermon, we discuss God's call to rebuild when we face opposition. 

Rebuilding with Faithful Effort
Joel Sanchez - 2/21/2021

People will face uncomfortable or difficult circumstances throughout life. In this sermon, we discuss how difficult circumstances can be used to refocus your life on God. 

Rebuilding Through Prayer
Tom Mercer - 2/14/2021

Prayer is a foundational aspect of a Christian's relationship with God. In this sermon, we discuss how prayer unveils your biblical worldview which informs your prayer life. 

Rebuilding with Compassion
Tom Mercer - 2/7/2021

There are many broken things in our world that are in need of repair. In this sermon, we discuss how Christians need to care about God's reputation and help rebuild the things that are broken.