Real Love Real Life

6/21/2021 - 9/5/2021

In This Series

Real Fellowship
Brian Haney - 6/20/2021

Christians are called to have fellowship with God. In this sermon, we discuss how real fellowship includes encountering the real Jesus and experiencing joy with a redeemed perspective, an empowered conviction, and a powerful proclamation.

Real Light
Tom Mercer - 6/27/2021

The problem with the world isn't that non-Christians don't act like Christians. It's that Christians act like non-Christians.

Real Love
Mike Roberts - 7/4/2021

We can only experience perfect and real love through a relationship with God. In this sermon, we discuss how real love clarifies out walk and talk. 

Real Growth
Tom Mercer - 7/11/2021

As a Christian, there are different levels of spiritual growth that you experience. In this sermon, we discuss each phase of spiritual growth and signs of Christian immaturity.

Real Truth
Jackson Arnett - 7/18/2021

As Christians, we need to learn how to determine who are not Christians. In this sermon, we discuss different ways to identify who are not part of the body of Christ and how we must remain in Christ and on mission.

Real Holiness
Tom Mercer - 7/25/2021

Real life requires us to renounce where we’ve come out of and embrace where we’re headed. In this sermon, we discuss how we will holy when we are perfected and how we can be holy in our practice.