6/26/2022 - 7/24/2022

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Praising and Reaching
Todd Arnett - 7/24/2022

Praising God vertically is also a means of reaching your world horizontally.

Sinking yet Singing
Todd Arnett - 7/18/2022

When our feelings aren’t there our faith must remind us of the truth.

Perceiving and Clinging
Todd Arnett - 7/12/2022

In order to live a life of contentment and joy in the midst of the trials that you face, you will need to live according to an eternal perspective related to both your destiny as well as the destiny of the wicked. 

Kicking and Screaming
Tom Mercer - 7/5/2022

The season of life we’re struggling with right now is not a book. It’s only a chapter.

Waiting and Trusting
Todd Arnett - 6/28/2022

Do you wait with the trust and contentment of a weaned child who knows that she can trust her mother for the future or like a nursing child who fears that there will never be another meal because his mother is not visible and he is not willing to wait?