On Brand

8/2/2022 - 8/28/2022

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Jackson Arnett - 8/28/2022

Life with God is enjoyable because his ways are best. 

Todd Arnett - 8/21/2022

A durable Church is founded upon a community of durable Jesus followers.

Todd Arnett - 8/14/2022

Just like we believe at HDC that God supernaturally and strategically puts people in your oikos, we also believe that He supernaturally and strategically puts you in proximity to help others in need.

Kurt Thielen - 8/7/2022

Truthful: Prepared worldchangers love the truth, learn the truth and live the truth.

Todd Arnett - 7/31/2022

Our motivation to be worldchangers comes from a healthy fear and an extravagant love.