10/24/2021 - 11/28/2021

Our world constantly tries to push us away from God. To do this, our world attempts to convince us of its false truths that pale in comparison to what God can provide us. In this series, we discuss the differences between the real and authentic God and what the world wants us to believe.

In This Series

Endurance to Live Rightly
Jackson Arnett - 11/28/2021

The way we currently live our lives demonstrates what we believe about the afterlife. In this sermon, we discuss how we must look forward to what will remain and focus on that reality now. 

Eyes on the Endgame
Tom Mercer - 11/21/2021

There are times that it can be hard to determine who is considered a false teacher. In this sermon, we discuss four characteristics of false teachers.

How to Spot False Teachers
Erik Thoennes - 11/14/2021

A Confident Faith
Kurt Thielen - 11/7/2021

Because we are habitual forgetters, we must remember the basics to advance in our faith. In this sermon, we discuss how the Gospel is grounded in truth and that there is no knockoff that compares to it.

Making the Effort
Brian Haney - 10/31/2021

As Christians, we are constantly drawn towards and pulled into the Image of Christ. In this sermon, we discuss how we must make our point of view, knowledge, and habits centered in God.

Authenticity is Received
Mike Roberts - 10/24/2021

Our world attempts to offer us things to replace the authentic things that we can only receive from God. In this sermon, we discuss how we do not settle for anything less than God’s glory and goodness when we live in His divine power.