9/4/2022 - 11/6/2022

In This Series

Response Service
Mike Roberts - 11/6/2022

Joy of sharing God’s grace. Joy of remembering Christ’s servanthood. Joy of knowing God’s peace.

Joyful Contentment
Todd Arnett - 10/30/2022

Your biggest obstacle to giving to God obediently, consistently and with a cheerful heart is that you’re not convinced that you’ll have enough leftover to be able to make it if you give financially to God.

The Joy of Standing Firm
Brian Haney - 10/23/2022

When we purposefully and intentionally redirect our thoughts, not only are we better equipped to know and act out God’s will, we express a joy that surpasses the circumstantial happiness of the watching world around us.

Joy's Citizenship
Todd Arnett - 10/16/2022

Heaven’s citizens follow the examples of others who long for Home.

Joy's Journey
Todd Arnett - 10/9/2022

In Christ, you’ve been apprehended to apprehend.

Working with Joy
Jody Livingston - 10/2/2022

Working on me brings joy when I’m aware of how God is working in me.

Completed by Joy
Todd Arnett - 9/25/2022

As members of God’s family, live in unity with your brothers and sisters.

Joy in Jail
Todd Arnett - 9/18/2022

Jesus’ promise to us of eternity with Him in Heaven creates confidence in us for our tomorrow while we labor faithfully on mission today.

Missional Living
Jody Livingston - 9/11/2022

Living with a priority of the mission results in joy.

Praying with Joy
Todd Arnett - 9/4/2022

Biblical joy isn’t dependent or conditional based on your particular circumstances, but something that flows from your relationship and confidence in Jesus.