40 Days of Prayer

9/12/2021 - 10/17/2021

Prayer provides Christians the opportunity to talk with and bring all their burdens to God. Over the course of six weeks, we will address questions like if there is a right way to pray and whether or not prayer makes a difference. Throughout this series, we present the challenge to spend 40 days in prayer as we learn of its importance and impact.

In This Series

Prayer, Yes, but What About Fasting?
Tom Mercer - 10/17/2021

Biblical fasting is the choice to pray for an extended period of time instead of eating to seek God’s power in this particular time of weakness. In this sermon, we discuss what it means to fast and when you should consider taking part in a fast.

How Do I Pray for Our Country and Its Leaders
Brian Haney - 10/10/2021

It is important to pray for our governing officials. In this sermon, we discuss how we don’t pray for our government because they are making godly decisions. Instead, we pray for our government because we need to lead godly lives.

How Do I Pray When God Seems Far Away?
Tom Mercer - 10/3/2021

There are moments when God feels far away. In this sermon, we discuss how we can pray when God feels far away and how inappropriate priorities can take our focus away from God’s presence.

How Should I Pray for People I May Never Meet?
Kurt Thielen/Kyle Patrick - 9/26/2021

Even though we may never meet them, it is important to pray for those who do missionary work. In this sermon, we discuss the five qualities of missional people and three examples of missionaries that we support that you can pray for.

Is There a Right Way to Pray?
Jackson Arnett - 9/19/2021

The way a person prays reflects his or her desires. In this sermon, we discuss how the right requests made to God reflect the right desires.

Does Prayer Really Change Things?
Tom Mercer - 9/12/2021

There are people who question whether or not prayer can change anything in their lives. In this sermon, we discuss the different aspects of our lives that prayer influences.