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No matter what struggles, hardships, or difficulties you are facing, we want you to know that you don't have to walk through them alone. Our Support and Recovery Groups offer help, hope, and healing to guide you through challenging times and connect you with people who share a similar story.


The purpose of a Support Group at HDC is to provide emotional and spiritual support for people who share common life experiences and difficulties so they can experience courage and hope in Christ that helps them move forward as a world-changing disciple of Jesus Christ.

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage mentoring at High Desert Church is for couples who need just a little help, as well as couples who are in great crisis and have no hope.



A group for those who have lost a loved one or close friend. Meets weekly year round.

Single & Parenting (New Group)

A 13 week group helping with the issues involved in single parenting. 

Divorce Care

A 13 week group for those needing help from the pain and issues of divorce. 

Anxiety & Depression (Women's group only)

A group that helps women gain biblical insights and practical tools in overcoming anxiety and depression. Helpful to attend the 8-week group first if possible. Meets weekly, year-round.

Anxiety & Depression Resources

Anxiety & Depression (8-week coed group)

An 8-week group using a video driven study on anxiety and depression that includes many helpful tools to help overcome issues related to these difficult struggles. 

Anxiety & Depression Resources

Anger Management and Recovery

A 7-week group that applies practical biblical solutions in overcoming the hurtful expressions of anger. 


The purpose of a Recovery Group at HDC is to help people experience God’s healing power regarding an area of addiction in their life so they can move forward as a world-changing disciple of Jesus Christ.

Men's Pure Life

A group for men struggling with pornography and other sexual addiction issues. Meets weekly via Zoom video call on Tuesdays. Call the group hotline at 760-245-2415 ext. 8888 for more info.

Pure Life Spouses

A group for wives whose husbands are in the Pure Life group. This group currently meets via Zoom video call on Tuesdays. Call 760-887-0750 for more info.

Overcomer's Outreach

A group for adults struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. This group meets weekly on Wednesday at 8:00 AM and Friday night at 7:00 PM. Both meetings are in Room 109 in the Gym at the Victorville Campus.


Because each group has it's own length and schedule, some of our groups take short breaks between sessions or over the summer. If you would like to check the schedule of a group, sign-up to attend, or to register for childcare (birth - 6th grade) please call Tammie at 760-245-2415, ext. 269. If you have questions about any of the groups, email Pastor Tim Wheeler at

Need Prayer?

Our staff prays daily for the prayer request that we receive every week. Fill out our online prayer request and members of our staff will pray for you.

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