Doug and Dawn L.

ONE Challenge International

Serving since 1988 with One Challenge International as the Director of Creative Access, Doug equips and shepherds Christians to bring the Gospel into what are increasingly hostile environments. His ministry includes equipping all One Challenge and Resound Corp (humanitarian staff) in areas of Inter- Cultural Intelligence, Multi-Cultural Teamwork, Personal Security, Risk Assessment, Contingency Planning, and Crisis Management. They have been working in missions for 32 years. They equip every one of OC’s new missionaries, as well as coach many of those making transitions between fields/cultures. They oversee and coach over 1000 Christian Expatriate Workers (AKA missionaries) around the world through protective intelligence analysis and reporting. At a tactical level, they help identify legitimate but Kingdom-purposeful field roles that are both acceptable to host governments, while at the same time directly doing what Jesus would have us do among unreached and underserved peoples living in resistant and often hostile contexts. Their primary focus is in what’s traditionally called the 10/40 Window; bringing the Gospel through word and deed from Casa Blanca to Canton, North Africa, Middle East, and East Asia. This past year has seen a surge in anti-Christian violence in West Africa as well.