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Backyard Blast

All of the Kids Team Staff, from all of your HDC campuses have worked together to create an online experience for you and your family to enjoy in your home or in your backyard! And if you feel comfortable, this is a great opportunity to invite other families to join you.

This event happens every Tuesday night for four consecutive weeks, live-streamed, or on demand for whenever you want to fit it into your schedule. You will be able to watch online at from 6:00pm – 7:30pm every Tuesday evening from June 23rd, to July 14th.

So you want to know more about Backyard Blast?

This online adventure will take your family through the Rocky Railway with Choo-Choo Chow, Reggie and other friends. There will be singing, stories and activities for you to enjoy together. We will learn how the power of Jesus can pull us through when we are faced with everyday challenges.

So who can participate?

The target group for this experience is Elementary kids, but we encourage the whole family to join in. Now more than ever, the kids in your Oikos (friends, families, and neighbors) need the hope, reassurance, and love that only a relationship with Jesus can provide. We want this to be a fun and unique way to connect with the people in your relational world.

So how do you sign up?

Just click the registration button! When you register, you get the unique opportunity to host Backyard Blast in your home or backyard! We will provide each host with a leader kit to get you on board. You can also find all of the training and tools you will need in the Host Hub tab of the website.

What if you can’t make the live-stream?

We understand that it might be difficult to plan out every Tuesday. The benefit of our virtual content is that it can be done at any time! When you register, you will get all of the information you need, not only about the live-stream event, but also how to participate at a time that’s best for your Oikos.

What if you don’t want to be a host?

Don’t let the word “host” scare you! Every family who signs up, is automatically a “host.” You can choose to make this as complicated or simple as you want. Our leader guide provides high prep, low prep and NO prep options. You could even just watch the program (but you will definitely want to do some of the extra fun).

What does it look like to host?

As a host, you will get a leader kit ahead of time that walks you through exactly how to prepare your family for the event – gather materials, have them ready, and arrange your TV room or backyard for best viewing and singing (and maybe some movement). And then press play!

What if you have more questions?

We are here to support you! Email Kathleen at .