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Heritage: Families of Faith Change the World - The Significance of Stones

Mike Roberts - 1/1/2023


Joy - Response Service

Mike Roberts - 11/6/2022

Joy of sharing God’s grace. Joy of remembering Christ’s servanthood. Joy of knowing God’s peace.

Step Up! - The Conclusion

Mike Roberts - 6/19/2022

Greatness is directive. We pursue primarily what we esteem highly. 

What Matters Most - Help is on the Way

Mike Roberts - 3/20/2022

The Prequel - God's Design for Work

Mike Roberts - 1/30/2022

The meaning and management of our work will reflect the degree to which we understand and enjoy God's good design for it.

Knockoffs - Authenticity is Received

Mike Roberts - 10/24/2021

Our world attempts to offer us things to replace the authentic things that we can only receive from God. In this sermon, we discuss how we do not settle for anything less than God’s glory and goodness when we live in His divine power.

Real Love Real Life - Real Love

Mike Roberts - 7/4/2021

We can only experience perfect and real love through a relationship with God. In this sermon, we discuss how real love clarifies out walk and talk. 

Tablets - True Value

Mike Roberts - 5/30/2021

As Christians, it is important to recognize that everything we own comes from God and should be shared with others. In this sermon, we discuss the eighth commandment and what it means to steal. 

Good News - Love That Stirs

Mike Roberts - 1/24/2021

Following God is a decision that Christians continuously have to make. In this sermon, we discuss the daily choice to follow God that Christians face every day. 

Sermon on the Mount III - Discerning Judgement AV

Mike Roberts - 11/3/2019

In order to reach those who do not know God and encourage other believers, Christians must have discerning judgement. In this sermon, we discuss how Christians must kill their pride to work towards humility and respond clearly.