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Tablets - Safeguard Your Purpose

Tom Mercer - 6/13/2021

As a Christian, God has given each of us a unique purpose. In this sermon, we discuss how we need to stop comparing our purpose to others, remember God's unconditional love, and avoid chaos. 

Tablets - Safeguard Truth

Tom Mercer - 6/6/2021

As Christians, it is important to remain truthful in all areas of life. In this sermon, we discuss how truth begins at home and is the accurate reflection of reality. 

Tablets - Safeguard Life

Tom Mercer - 5/17/2021

Christians are told to safeguard their life, logic, and love. In this sermon, we discuss the sixth commandment and how we can apply this lesson to our personal lives. 

Tablets - The Family Name

Tom Mercer - 4/25/2021

It is important for Christians to value God and His name appropriately. In this sermon, we discuss the third commandment and God's unique position in our lives. 

Tablets - One God Per Family

Tom Mercer - 4/18/2021

God's love for His people make Him jealous for their attention. In this sermon, we discuss the second commandment and God's love for His people. 

Tablets - House Rules

Tom Mercer - 4/11/2021

As Christians, God commands us to not worship any other gods. In this sermon, we discuss the first commandment and how loving and healthy families follow God's Word. 

Easter 2021 - Easter 2021

Tom Mercer - 4/4/2021

Christ's resurrection should motivate Christians to live their lives like Him. This Easter season, we discuss how Christ's resurrection guarantees the future resurrection of all believers. 

Rebuilding - Rebuilding on God's Word

Tom Mercer - 3/15/2021

Christians are called to obey God's Word in all things. In this sermon, we discuss the need to continuously obey God's Word as we prepare for Christ's return. 

Rebuilding - Rebuilding Despite Opposition

Tom Mercer - 2/28/2021

Everyone will face opposition throughout their lives. In this sermon, we discuss God's call to rebuild when we face opposition. 

Rebuilding - Rebuilding Through Prayer

Tom Mercer - 2/14/2021

Prayer is a foundational aspect of a Christian's relationship with God. In this sermon, we discuss how prayer unveils your biblical worldview which informs your prayer life.