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The Prequel - Equally Different, Mutually Dependent

Tom Mercer - 1/23/2022

God created both genders equally in His image, but they are also different–not better, not worse. Let's take a dive into God's vision for a male and female.

The Prequel - Custodians of Planet Earth

Tom Mercer - 1/9/2022

To be created in God's image means that human beings were created by God with the capability and responsibility to reflect Him and to represent Him in His world.

Come and See - Come and See How Purposeful He Is!

Tom Mercer - 12/26/2021

Jesus Christ’s birth had a purpose that influenced every aspect of life. In this sermon, we discuss how Jesus Christ’s birth began a new era, exposed an old mystery, and continued a difficult mission.

Come and See - Come and See How Great God Is!

Tom Mercer - 12/19/2021

There are many things that we can appreciate about the Magi in the Christmas story. In this sermon, we discuss the Magi’s unwavering attention, steadfast pursuit, and appraisal.

Come and See - Come and See How Merciful God is!

Tom Mercer - 12/12/2021

When we understand God’s mercy, we will follow His plan. In this sermon, we discuss how God’s mercy surprises, confuses, and helps people.

Come and See - Come and See How Faithful God Is!

Tom Mercer - 12/5/2021

God always delivers on His promises. In this sermon, we discuss how we must allow our faith to push us through our doubts.

Knockoffs - Eyes on the Endgame

Tom Mercer - 11/21/2021

There are times that it can be hard to determine who is considered a false teacher. In this sermon, we discuss four characteristics of false teachers.

40 Days of Prayer - Prayer, Yes, but What About Fasting?

Tom Mercer - 10/18/2021

Biblical fasting is the choice to pray for an extended period of time instead of eating to seek God’s power in this particular time of weakness. In this sermon, we discuss what it means to fast and when you should consider taking part in a fast.

40 Days of Prayer - How Do I Pray When God Seems Far Away?

Tom Mercer - 10/3/2021

There are moments when God feels far away. In this sermon, we discuss how we can pray when God feels far away and how inappropriate priorities can take our focus away from God’s presence.

40 Days of Prayer - Does Prayer Really Change Things?

Tom Mercer - 9/12/2021

There are people who question whether or not prayer can change anything in their lives. In this sermon, we discuss the different aspects of our lives that prayer influences.