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Mending Fences - Hunger

Jackson Arnett - 2/19/2023

Heritage: Families of Faith Change the World - Courage and Conviction

Jackson Arnett - 12/11/2022

The inward presence of faith changes our perspective on outward obstacles. 

On Brand - Enjoyable

Jackson Arnett - 8/28/2022

Life with God is enjoyable because his ways are best. 

The Prequel - Value of Human Life

Jackson Arnett - 1/16/2022

To be created in God's image means that human beings were created by God with the capability and responsibility to reflect Him and to represent Him in His world.

Knockoffs - Endurance to Live Rightly

Jackson Arnett - 11/28/2021

The way we currently live our lives demonstrates what we believe about the afterlife. In this sermon, we discuss how we must look forward to what will remain and focus on that reality now. 

40 Days of Prayer - Is There a Right Way to Pray?

Jackson Arnett - 9/19/2021

The way a person prays reflects his or her desires. In this sermon, we discuss how the right requests made to God reflect the right desires.

Real Love Real Life - Real Truth

Jackson Arnett - 7/18/2021

As Christians, we need to learn how to determine who are not Christians. In this sermon, we discuss different ways to identify who are not part of the body of Christ and how we must remain in Christ and on mission.