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40 Days of Prayer - How Do I Pray for Our Country and Its Leaders

Brian Haney - 10/10/2021

It is important to pray for our governing officials. In this sermon, we discuss how we don’t pray for our government because they are making godly decisions. Instead, we pray for our government because we need to lead godly lives.

Real Love Real Life - Real Fellowship

Brian Haney - 6/20/2021

Christians are called to have fellowship with God. In this sermon, we discuss how real fellowship includes encountering the real Jesus and experiencing joy with a redeemed perspective, an empowered conviction, and a powerful proclamation.

Tablets - Honoring Parents

Brian Haney - 5/9/2021

From a young age, people are told to honor and respect their parents. In this sermon, we discuss the fifth commandment and how honoring our parents is connected to honoring God. 

Rebuilding - Rebuilding with Understanding

Brian Haney - 3/22/2021

It is important for Christians to have a proper understanding of who God is. In this sermon, we discuss how our rebuilding process is shaped by our understanding of God. 

Good News - Love That Surprises

Brian Haney - 1/17/2021

We worship a God with a unique love that cannot be found elsewhere. In this sermon, we discuss God's unfailing love and forgiving nature. 

Good News - Love That Saves

Brian Haney - 1/10/2021

God created humanity with a purpose. In this sermon, we discuss the intentionality of God's creation, the sin that entered the world, and how God's love provides a remedy. 

There is a King - There is a Kingdom

Brian Haney - 12/27/2020

God's structured Kingdom is the source of lasting hope. In this sermon, we discuss how God's Kingdom is always present within us. 

Twenty Twenty - How Do I Overcome My Bad Attitude

Brian Haney - 11/29/2020

Everyone will have moments when they have a bad attitude. In this sermon, we discuss how humility is the key to overcoming a bad attitude. 

Commissioned - Courageous Conviction

Brian Haney - 9/6/2020

Biblical conviction is characterized by a commitment to Scripture, the construction of beliefs based on Scripture, and the courage to act on those beliefs. In this sermon, we discuss the need to have courage to hold biblical convictions, meet people where they are, and share what God has done in your life. 

Commissioned - Who's Plan Is It Anyway?

Brian Haney - 8/23/2020

God's plan for our lives is always superior to the plan we create for ourselves. In this sermon, we discuss how God's plan for us may require us to adjust our plan to ensure we accomplish His will.