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Step Up! - The Appointment

Jody Livingston - 5/8/2022

When no one else is watching, God will see your righteous actions and use them for His providential purposes.

What Matters Most - Lasting Joy

Jody Livingston - 3/28/2022

Real Love Real Life - Real Discernment

Jody Livingston - 8/8/2021

Discernment is the skillful wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit to help us determine what is true and what is false. In this sermon, we discuss how discernment recognizes the true attributes of the real love that we receive from God.

Tablets - Antidote to Busy and Hectic Lives

Jody Livingston - 5/2/2021

In modern society, people can have a hard time taking a break in the midst of their hectic lives. In this sermon, we discuss the fourth commandment and how God calls Christians to a day of rest to cure the restlessness in their homes. 

Rebuilding - Rebuilding with Conviction

Jody Livingston - 3/28/2021

Throughout the Bible, people were constantly worshiping God to recognize who He is and why they served Him. In this sermon, we discuss how easy it is to drift away from God in this world and the continuous need to worship Him. 

Commissioned - An Unhindered Gospel

Jody Livingston - 10/4/2020

Throughout the Bible, God commands His followers to constantly tell others about Him. In this sermon, we discuss how to make the most of every opportunity to share the gospel with others. 

Worldview - Is the Bible Reliable VV

Jody Livingston - 6/30/2019

Through the Bible, Christians are able to gain a better understanding of the character of God. In this sermon, we discuss if the Bible we have today is accurate and trustworthy.