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Joy - Missional Living

Jody Livingston - 9/11/2022

Living with a priority of the mission results in joy.

Joy - Praying with Joy

Todd Arnett - 9/4/2022

Biblical joy isn’t dependent or conditional based on your particular circumstances, but something that flows from your relationship and confidence in Jesus.

On Brand - Enjoyable

Jackson Arnett - 8/28/2022

Life with God is enjoyable because his ways are best. 

On Brand - Durable

Todd Arnett - 8/21/2022

A durable Church is founded upon a community of durable Jesus followers.

On Brand - Helpful

Todd Arnett - 8/14/2022

Just like we believe at HDC that God supernaturally and strategically puts people in your oikos, we also believe that He supernaturally and strategically puts you in proximity to help others in need.

On Brand - Truthful

Kurt Thielen - 8/7/2022

Truthful: Prepared worldchangers love the truth, learn the truth and live the truth.

On Brand - Worldchange

Todd Arnett - 7/31/2022

Our motivation to be worldchangers comes from a healthy fear and an extravagant love. 

Playlist - Praising and Reaching

Todd Arnett - 7/24/2022

Praising God vertically is also a means of reaching your world horizontally.

Playlist - Sinking yet Singing

Todd Arnett - 7/17/2022

When our feelings aren’t there our faith must remind us of the truth.

Playlist - Perceiving and Clinging

Todd Arnett - 7/10/2022

In order to live a life of contentment and joy in the midst of the trials that you face, you will need to live according to an eternal perspective related to both your destiny as well as the destiny of the wicked.