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Go Fund Kingdom - Generosity Begins Today

Tom Mercer - 11/20/2022

God wants to use the tool of money to help you become more like Him.

Go Fund Kingdom - The Kind of Generosity God Loves

Todd Arnett - 11/13/2022

Generosity manages the tension between a Biblical mandate and my free will.

Joy - Response Service

Mike Roberts - 11/6/2022

Joy of sharing God’s grace. Joy of remembering Christ’s servanthood. Joy of knowing God’s peace.

Joy - Joyful Contentment

Todd Arnett - 10/30/2022

Your biggest obstacle to giving to God obediently, consistently and with a cheerful heart is that you’re not convinced that you’ll have enough leftover to be able to make it if you give financially to God.

Joy - The Joy of Standing Firm

Brian Haney - 10/23/2022

When we purposefully and intentionally redirect our thoughts, not only are we better equipped to know and act out God’s will, we express a joy that surpasses the circumstantial happiness of the watching world around us.

Joy - Joy's Citizenship

Todd Arnett - 10/16/2022

Heaven’s citizens follow the examples of others who long for Home.

Joy - Joy's Journey

Todd Arnett - 10/9/2022

In Christ, you’ve been apprehended to apprehend.

Joy - Working with Joy

Jody Livingston - 10/2/2022

Working on me brings joy when I’m aware of how God is working in me.

Joy - Completed by Joy

Todd Arnett - 9/25/2022

As members of God’s family, live in unity with your brothers and sisters.

Joy - Joy in Jail

Todd Arnett - 9/18/2022

Jesus’ promise to us of eternity with Him in Heaven creates confidence in us for our tomorrow while we labor faithfully on mission today.