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Step Up! - The Request Pt. 1

Todd Arnett - 5/31/2022

It’s not just what we do when it’s time to step up, but it’s what we do while we’re preparing to step up.

Step Up! - The Fork in the Road

Tom Mercer - 5/23/2022

Courage is what happens when our faith in our calling exceeds our fear of our circumstance.

Step Up! - The Scheme

Todd Arnett - 5/16/2022

In His sovereign plan of how He directs all of human history, God allows a multitude of means to accomplish His plan, including using the sinful, treacherous ambitions of one people towards another.

Step Up! - The Appointment

Jody Livingston - 5/8/2022

When no one else is watching, God will see your righteous actions and use them for His providential purposes.

Step Up! - The Vacancy

Todd Arnett - 5/2/2022

God is always at work around us accomplishing His intended, good design even when it’s not obvious to us.

What Matters Most - Do you love me?

Kurt Thielen - 4/25/2022

When God restores broken people, it always starts with a commitment to follow Jesus.

What Matters Most - We have Seen the Lord!

Todd Arnett - 4/18/2022

Jesus has been calling your name, inviting you to be forgiven because of the price He paid at the cross for you.

What Matters Most - The Bond of Unity

Todd Arnett - 4/11/2022

For Jesus’ Church, unity isn’t something that we need to manufacture on our own, but something that we’re given that we, in turn, are called to nurture and steward.

What Matters Most - This is Love

Todd Arnett - 4/4/2022

Eternal life for the follower of Jesus is something that you're living in now, today!

What Matters Most - Lasting Joy

Jody Livingston - 3/28/2022